Frequently Asked Questions

Q?  When is the Housing Authority going to build new homes?
A. The SCPHA is currently searching for funding to build new homes. 
Q?  Which services does the SCHPA offer to tribal members?
A. The SCHPA offers:

  • Mutual Help Occupancy Agreement (MHOA): Housing services to eligible and qualified low-income families.
  • Lease Purchase Agreement: This is equivalent to the Mutual Help Occupancy Agreement. Lease to Own Program and the total purchase price of the home are based on total developmental costs.
  • Rehabilitation Services: Assists homeowners with housing repairs. Must meet HUD guidelines for services.
  • Community Outreach Programs: Provides programs for youth and adults in collaboration with SCP Administration programs.
Q?  How do we turn hot water on (water heater)? How do we fix minor repairs?
A. SCPHA will be holding home maintenance workshops in the near future to address some of these issues.
Q?  Who serves on the Board of Commissioners for the SCPHA?

  • Franics Tafoya, Chairman
  • Richard Martinez, Vice Chairman
  • Shawna Samuel, Secretary/Treasurer
Q?  How do we get our homes rehabbed?
A. The SCPHA is currently awaiting funding acceptance to proceed with rehabilitation services, in the time being, we are accepting applications for such services.  There are 4 main criteria that SCPHA must adhere to, to be in compliance with HUD regulations which are:

  • Must be an enrolled Tribal Member of Santa Clara
  • Must meet income criteria
  • Must show home ownership (Deed)
  • Home must be primary residence