Santa Clara Pueblo Tribal Council has passed a Resolution on the Mortgage 184 program for Santa Clara Pueblo. Santa Clara Pueblo Housing Authority has partnered with Bank of Albuquerque to present the Mortgage 184 Home Loan Program. It is designated to promote home ownership for Native Americans. 

Program highlights include:

  • Low down payment
  • Low monthly mortgage insurance
  • For purchase of an existing home or refinance


  • Must be a enrolled Santa Clara Pueblo tribal member
  • Must own land
  • Must have Deed of home
  • Credit based

Process of Mortgage 184:

Step 1: Applicant Eligibility

Applicant needs to be pre-qualified by a lender or an approved housing counseling agency. Income, credit and repayment ability of the applicant will be reviewed for supporting documentation (Check stubs, W-2, Tax returns, utility statements, and/or rental receipts).

Step 2: Site Survey

Applicant will get in contact with their Tribe to identify the buildings site for site surveying. The building site or home may be on existing or new land assignment.

Step 3: Ordering title status report (TSR) and Environmental Clearances

The tribe will submit the survey to their local BIA agency office to request a TSR and environmental clearances. This report will identify the owner’s property. 

Step 4: Plans and Specifications

The applicant will obtain a building and site plan, specifications and construction bids (if construction is involved) and will gather the lenders required personal information white the BIA land clearances are in process.

Step 5: Residential Lease

The tribal government approves the Residential lease, usually through a Tribal Council Resolution. The lease is then signed by the applicant and Tribal officials. Once it is approved then BIA will approve and sign stating all requirements are met.

Step 6: Loan Approval

The lender will need to approve the residential lease, TSR, Environmental clearance, and the real estate appraisal to approve the loan. The applicant must complete all lender requirements and pay any application fees before the loan is approved. 

Step 7: Loan Closing

After all information is complete and the loan is approved, the applicant will need to pay the closing cost and down payment at closing. A title company or escrow agent – and not the lender – will actually close the loan and, if required, issue a title insurance policy.

For more information please call or stop by our office for more information.