Learning Center open Tuesday through Thursday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.



After-School Program will be CLOSED till further notice due to the COVID-19.

Our tutoring program has helped kids access the Internet to do a variety of things from researching California Indians to watching Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” video.  The Learning Center has given our kids a safe fun learning environment.  We have kids using Kahn Academy, a new and outstanding math program that helps kids learn at their own pace and skill level.  Kids have been able to read their favorite magazine or read about current happenings from around the world.

A lot of our kids do not have access to computers at home or school.  By them coming in and just being on a computer is a huge learning experience in itself.  Our children are required to take PARCC (a standard based test) assessments on computers and need to know how to click/drag, copy/paste, and use the keyboard efficiently.  In the coming school year, students will be required to take PARCC 3 times a year.  Computer access for the summer will be essential for our kids as they prepare for school.

We have had a huge impact on 2 autistic students.  They were having problems socializing, being around kids, and focusing on their schoolwork.  They have grown and enjoy coming to the tutors with their homework and especially getting on the computers.

At the Learning Center we also organize arts and crafts projects for the children to participate in.  These are great breaks from the rigors of schoolwork.  We have taken bike rides and even planted a community garden.  This spring has been great and the children are anxious for the summer.

Mentorship Program

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GED Online Program

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